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Collector (Col*lect"or): One who collects things which are separate

The "Collector" Mentality
By Larry E. Smith

In every sense of the word, collectors are builders. They must lay a solid foundation for their collections, in much the same way as a contractor does in creating a large building.

As their collection grows, they follow a precise plan like an architect's blueprint, and implement this carefully over months and years and sometimes many decades. In assembling and maintaining a coin collection the process can go on for several generations involving many members of a family.

Collectors have specific goals. Some are short-term like putting together a year set or type set of coins like the war nickels of 1942-45. Others will be long term like a large cent or bust half collection. Regardless of the nature of the goals, true "collectors" have a mindset that requires completing the project.

When a collector completes a set, the whole can be worth much more than the sum of the parts, for it then has greater appeal and real tangible value to other collectors. This is the reason that I suggest to all metal detector users who are building coin collections to focus in 2008 (The Year of New Beginnings) on completing one or more of your collections.

I need two coins for my Standing Liberty Quarter set and one for my Two Cent collection. I will locate, barter/trade, or buy these coins with sales from my coin and jewelry/relic finds. Remember that as a metal detector user, you are a part of the only hobby that pays you to participate

Here's to "diggin it"! Larry

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